Cold Laser Therapy Success Stories

“Nice shoes”

Before coming to see Dr. Moleski, I only knew people by what
their feet looked like. My head rested on my chest and I had
constant neck and shoulder pain. I would use a heating pad
and take Tylenol. But, it never relieved the pain. After my
cold laser treatments, I felt like a new person. It was wonderful
to be able to have my head up and look people in the eyes!....

Gertrude M. – Retired from the Florida Bar

Pain Free Again!

Living with carpal tunnel is not an easy task. It was impossible to make a fist with my right hand and I was losing sleep because of the numbness in my left arm and hand. My joints were so swollen it was very difficult to do anything with my hands. I started taking Celebrex, but soon after I developed stomach problems and had to stop. I took several kinds of medications, some twice a day and I was still suffering from pain. I began treatment in April of 2005 and after just a few weeks the pain and swelling had decreased a great deal. With laser and chiropractic treatments, I am now 95% better.

After a month I was able to cancel my surgery and continued to improve. I am now able to cook, write letters, and I can even do a little bit of gardening. I would recommend you go see Dr. Moleski for relief. He will help you! I am living proof. I never dreamed to be pain free again. Dr. Moleski and his staff are the best. They will always be angels to me.

Helen R. – Retired

Finally I can sleep again!

About three years ago I had a fall and I damaged the nerves in my upper spine. This caused pain to radiate into my shoulder all the way down to my wrist. Over the years I tried many things; special pillows, massages, pain killers and chiropractic care. Nothing seemed to work. I was losing sleep because of the pain. After my laser treatments I am doing great. I can sleep again and I have no pain during the day…

Fred G. – Retired

He proved them wrong!

Before receiving treatment here in Dr. Moleski’s office, I was suffering from shoulder pain, tightness in my neck and a strange sensation up the side of my face. I was taking Flexeril daily and Tylenol as needed. After my cold laser treatment my shoulder pain is almost gone and my neck is better. My neurologist said after two years that nothing could be done – but Dr. Moleski proved him wrong!...

Laura K


I previously suffered from extreme back pain. I was often confined to my bed or recliner. Exercising was out of the question. I had to have help tying my shoes, putting on socks, and rising from my bed. I had to forgo attending any functions that required me to stand. To cope with the pain, I took Tylenol daily. I tried everything: prescription pain medication and muscle-relaxers, hot and cold compresses, acupuncture, and back exercises. After receiving the Cold Laser Treatment, I can do things again that I enjoy! Words cannot describe the difference in my life!...

Hilda S – Retired teacher


Before I began treatment, I could not stand for more than 15 to 20 minutes without having a dull pain in my back. If I stood longer, the pain would become more severe. I took Tylenol and Tramadol to help with the pain. I began treatment and within a few visits, my pain went away!

Richard H. – Retired


I was run down from intense pain. I was tired all the time. My sciatica was so painful that I didn’t know how much longer I could stand it. I also had neuropathy in my buttocks and down both legs throughout the day and evening. After completing the Cold Laser Treatment, I walk around with a smile on my face. I am so happy! I am able to begin walking again…

Judi B. – Retired Medical Transcriber


I was experiencing pain in my shoulders and arms from terrible arthritis. My right arm was motionless. I was taking eight Tylenol each day to help with the pain. Once I began the Cold Laser Treatment, my right arm began to move. I have greater range of motion and less pain than before!...

Kathleen W. – Retired


Before I met Dr. Moleski, I had numbness, tingling, and pain in my neck, shoulders, arms and wrist. I tried using heat, topical lotions and wrist bandage constraints. However, I still had the symptoms. Since I was in great need of relief, I decided to begin the Cold Laser Treatment. I am happy to report that I no longer experience the numbness, tingling, and pain of before!...

Samella A. – PhD, Psychotherapist

Wow, What a Big Difference!

I was living with terrible pain in my left arm, neck, and shoulder blade. The pain was constant. I tried to find comfortable positions, but the pain was too intense. Golfing, which is my favorite past time, was out of the question. I took Lyrica for the nerve inflammation and pain. The prescription did not help. I even had an epidural at the Pain Management Clinic, which temporarily relieved the pain.

So, after careful consideration, I began the Cold Laser Treatment. To my amazement, I began to feel a lot better after the third treatment! By the sixth visit, my pain was basically gone! Now, I live pain free! Now, I am free to live my life and do whatever I want without pain! I highly recommend the treatment to anyone. Dr. Moleski and his staff are the best!

Jinrard B. – Retired Airplane Mechanic

Four Surgeries and a failed implant later…

I was unable to stand even five minutes. My primary doctor helped me get a motorized wheel chair to help me get around in the house. After having four back surgeries and a stimulator implanted in my body, which was an additional surgery, I was still in pain. I then had another procedure to remove the stimulator. I also went to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville for more shots.

In all total, I had six surgeries and numerous shots. I was still in pain. So, I decided to see if Dr. Moleski and the Cold Laser Therapy could help my low back pain. Since the treatments, I feel great! I am able to do things I couldn’t do before! I’m now able to stand on my feet and fix my meals each day! What a wonderful feeling to be able to walk around in the house and do for myself again. I would advise anyone to go to Dr. Moleski and get the Cold Laser Therapy treatments!

Edna L. – Retired

Enjoying life again!!!

I had severe hand and neck pain and had a very hard time moving my hands in the morning, due to stiffness and pain. I tried acupuncture, but it had no lasting effect. I took medications such as hydrocodone and Advil to reduce my pain. After starting the Cold Laser therapy with Dr. Moleski, my pain level dramatically decreased!...

Harry H. – Arborist