Headache Treatment Success Stories


Before I started treatment with Dr. Moleski I felt TERRIBLE! I was having headaches all the time. Neck pain was also an issue for me. Doctors tried a variety of medicines to help and the only one that really worked, (Topamax) affected my cognitive and math skills. The medicine made me sleepy and I just wasn’t myself. I felt very frustrated about my health condition.

Before I started my treatment with Dr. Moleski I was taking Topamax which is used for seizures, but is also known to help headache patients. It did cut down on the number of headaches but the side effects were not worth it. I was sleepy and ready to go to bed around 7:00. And even though I was on Topamax I would still get headaches.

After completing my treatment with Dr. Moleski I am a brand new person! Dr. Moleski helped me to get my life back. I’m not always in pain, overall I feel like a more healthy person. Activities I couldn’t do or enjoy because of my headaches I can now do!

Dr. Moleski has made a huge difference in my life. I am now able to do things I used to do prior to all my headaches. I am able to play with my daughter headache free! I am now on a regular workout routine, which I never could have done before. I am able to work and function, it is a GREAT feeling.

I would tell anyone that suffers from headaches to call Dr. Moleski, follow his instructions and you should be back to normal in no time. To Dr. Moleski, Edye and Shelley, ever since my first visit at your office I knew I was in good hands. You guys have made a HUGE impact in my life. I feel so much better…just the other day I was thinking to myself, I haven’t had a headache in weeks. Dr. Moleski I can tell you sincerely care for your patients. You are one-of-a kind! Thank you for taking such good care of me.

Liz M. – Health Educator

My Future Looks Much Brighter Now

I heard about Dr. Moleski’s metabolic care, and decided to see what he could do about my recurrent migraines. I also felt as though I was dragging all the time. After reviewing some blood work that I brought in, Dr. Moleski ordered some additional blood tests. With this information, he was able to determine what was lacking in my system.

The answer was specific supplements.

After only one week, I began to feel improvement. I am so excited to report that I have greatly lessened my headache problem! I am also able to think much more clearly!

I also can eat and have a drink without getting headaches.

I highly recommend Dr. Moleski and his metabolic approach to health. It is so awesome that I do not have nearly as many awful headaches anymore. My future looks much brighter now.

I think that this care is awesome and I have referred many people to this office.

Paula N. - Insurance Adjustor