Peripheral Neuropathy Success Stories


Before coming to Dr. Moleski’s office, I was in constant pain.I needed a cane to walk around, even in my own home. My stomach was ALWAYS upset due to GERD. The constant pain made me very depressed. I had an ulcer on the bottom of my toe and had been advised to have my toe amputated. At night, my leg pain was so severe that I would wake up and not be able to fall back to sleep. I had very little feeling in my feet.Before I began treatment, I took hydrocodone three times a day for the pain. I also took Ranitidine for my GERD symptoms. I even had to begin taking an antidepressant. Every day was a constant battle! Since I began treatment with Dr. Moleski, I have been able to stop taking my medications for my pain, GERD, and depression!My toe has been gradually healing. And, feeling is returning in both my feet! My life has changed drastically! I no longer need a cane for walking! My balance has improved greatly. I can sleep at night without the leg pain. I would advise anyone with my condition to give the program a chance. Some lifestyle changes that I had to make were somewhat difficult, however WORTH IT in the long run.

Thomas S – Retired

Dr. Moleski Was Very Thorough

I first came to Dr. Moleski’s office with severe numbness from my knees to my toes. I had this for four years, and it affected my ability to drive and walk securely. I had seen doctors for this, but was told that there was nothing that could be done for peripheral neuropathy. Dr. Moleski was very thorough in testing to dig deeper to find the cause of my problem. We began care with some dietary changes, supplements, and direct therapy to the nerves in my legs and feet. Cold laser therapy, micro-current therapy, and vibration therapy were applied to my legs and feet. After three months, I can say that I am 45% better. My neurologic tests have improved and I can feel my toes again! The future looks brighter. Healing takes time and I am looking forward to even more improvement over the coming months. If you are undecided about this type of alternative care, I would encourage you to give it a try. You will be treated very well at this office.

Edward V – Retired Professor