Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Success Stories

I had suffered from neurological symptoms associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for six years without improvement even after being treated by numerous doctors. After several weeks of chiropractic treatment, I regained normal sensation in my hands, had less muscle and joint pain, and had quality (REM) sleep restored without tremors and muscle jerks.

Rachelle Y. Ė Self-Employed

Before I came to Dr. Moleskiís office, I felt tired all the time. My quality of life had decreased drastically. I no longer engaged in sports because constant fatigue prevented me from participating. The condition of my health made me feel terrible.

I decided to visit Dr. Moleskiís office because he had a different approach to addressing my health issues, different from anything else I had experienced before. I realized my problems could be helped when I started feeling better very quickly.

I no longer experience the malaise and fatigue I had before. I have the energy to enjoy sports again. And engaging in sports, of course, helps me feel even better. I particularly appreciated the guidance on my diet. I never realized how important it was to my overall health. I intend to stick with the "Paleo" diet and the general principles behind it.

If youíre considering Dr. Moleskiís care, I would say give it a try, especially if you feel you have exhausted all other options. Itís definitely been a life-changing experience.

Kevin D. - Database Administrator