General Chiropractic Care

I first came to Dr. Moleski’s office due to the nagging sports injuries that occur as I age. I was always in pretty good health. However, the injuries were causing pain and I DO NOT LIKE HURTING!

Dr. Moleski’s offered something I had never experienced before. He is very professional and knowledgeable. He is an excellent communicator and offers proactive methods of treatment. I have had three very painful conditions arise over the years, and Dr. Moleski has been able to resolve them all.

Dr. Moleski has taught me better awareness of stretching and warming up before physical activity. His instruction has allowed me to be wiser in prepping for any athletic or physical event.

The care I received at Dr. Moleski’s office is among the best customer service in the medical field. If you are trying to decide about receiving care here at Dr. Moleski’s office, my advice is to come in for a consultation and examination. I’m sure that you’ll find that you agree with me.

Dr. Moleski and Edye provide excellent healthcare. When I am in pain, I have complete confidence in Dr. Moleski and his capability to move me forward in a very healthy way!

Roger R. - Administrator State of Florida

“I first visited Doctor Moleski’s Chiropractic Clinic in Bradenton, Florida 15 years ago. Previously I did not have a good opinion of chiropractors because of a prior experience. My problems were (and are) a pinched nerve in my neck and curvature of my spine. Needless to say he certainly has helped me. He has kept me going for 15 years.

If I had to rate him I would give him 5 Hats (similar to rating the best restaurants). He and his staff are always happy to see you and make you feel like you’re part of the family. The thing that means the most to me is that he cares about the whole person and exhibits a lot of compassion. I feel I can ask him anything about medical problems, and I usually do so…

Vivian H. - Homemaker

“I have a long history of neck and shoulder problems. Over the years, I have seen just about everyone imaginable; orthopedic, osteopaths, physical therapists, etcetera. Truly, I never felt any real relief until Dr. Moleski’s care. The best evidence of my belief in him, is that I continued to only see him even after my insurance guided me to other chiropractors.”

Don C. - Sales

“Approximately ten years ago I developed problems related to an auto accident I had a few years before, as well as from a “slip and slide” accident (playing with my children) that I’m a little embarrassed about. I had a very stressful job at the time, and was a mom trying to raise two teenage daughters. I had been suffering with neck pain and stiffness, tingling sensations, and body soreness. Even the bottoms of my feet hurt when I would get up in the morning. I could barely move my neck from side to side.

Working with computers and the stress at work had me beat. I was a mess and did not know what to do. I visited my regular medical doctor and was sent to see a specialist, who (of course) prescribed muscle relaxers. I hated taking these because I felt like a zombie all the time.

Then I did a really stupid thing and tried to move a bookcase all by myself during an office relocation. That was the last straw, before it almost broke this old camel’s back. I made an appointment, mainly for the lower back pain I was then in, from trying to move the bookcase.

After a complete examination, Dr. Moleski presented my x-rays, told me right away he knew I had problems other than just the lower back pain, mainly my neck, and had me begin a series of maneuvers and adjustments. Pretty soon, I was feeling like a new woman. It was so wonderful to feel good again. I owe so much to Dr. Moleski and his staff…

Sheila P. - Retired

“I was a little nervous about getting my first adjustment…but after a few adjustments I had my whole family signed up! You know I trust a doctor when I let him adjust my four-year-old!! Seven years later we all recognize the importance of preventive care. My children request an adjustment sometimes, because they know it will help. I can’t imagine life without this preventative care. I’m so thankful to have it in our lives.”

Tammy N. - Teacher’s Aide

“Dr. Moleski has cured my right elbow and helped my neck and lower back. I look forward to our weekly visits…

Marilyn N. - Retired Teacher

“I have been a patient of Dr. Moleski for a long time and I’m always happy when I visit the office, because everybody is always so friendly and helpful. After I get my chiropractic treatment I feel like a new person. I would recommend chiropractic adjustments to anyone with constant pain.”

Mary A. A. - Nurses’ Assistant

“I feel honored to recommend Dr. Moleski and his staff to you. As a priest, my vocation brings me in touch with persons in the healing professions often; medical doctors, counselors, nurses, and the clergy.

This is how I first met Dr. Moleski. My avocation is what brought me into Dr. Moleski’s office. Playing golf and being tall lends itself to some painful conditions for me at times. I have walked through his front door looking like “Donald Duck” and have departed feeling like a new man. Dr. Moleski and his staff have that healing touch! By following his recommendations my back remains in great shape.”

Fr. Tom G. - Pastor

“In addition to his gift of healing, Dr. Moleski has shown my family great patience and sensitivity; he has been there when we needed him, almost unheard of for a doctor today. My children and husband are pain-free, and I would not trust my back or theirs to anyone but Dr. Moleski.”

Kathy K. - Homemaker

“I started seeing Dr. Moleski in 1995. I had immediate relief after my first visit. I had been suffering from an old back injury for years. Dr. Moleski has helped me maintain a quality of life free of pain through his treatments.”

Mark D.- Insurance Agent

“I was diagnosed about eight years ago with Chronic Myofacial Pain Syndrome, or part of the Fibromyalgia syndrome. One day I woke up so dizzy I couldn’t function. My nurse practitioner recommended a chiropractor. Since Dr. Moleski was a friend, I went to see him. He found the offending spot in my neck and fixed it. What a relief! He also found arthritis in my neck and gave me exercises for relieving the stiffness and soreness. I have gradually gotten better from the muscle pain by better nutrition, walking for exercise, and regular visits to Dr. Moleski.

Marilyn S. - Piano Teacher

“On Easter Sunday, six years ago, I was in the emergency room. My back had gone out…again. I was in tremendous pain. I had been to a neurosurgeon, an orthopedic surgeon-who recommended surgery, and two chiropractors. Nothing helped and my back was going out several times a day. My family, my work, every facet of my life was affected. I couldn’t even pick up my small daughter.

A friend told me about Dr. Moleski and how he had helped her with a similar problem. I went to see him and began to see him every day; sometimes twice a day. My back began to improve and over time my life began to get back to normal. Today I am able to live a normal life and do things that I never thought I would be able to do again.

Dale T. - Roofing Contractor

“Dr. Moleski’s professional and compassionate chiropractic care has always improved my arthritic back.I’ve tried pain killers, physical therapy, stretching exercises, water aerobics, massage, and fitness centers.While these activities are good, Dr. Moleski’s treatment gives me the most agility and help.His skill makes a big difference.His office assistants are always cheerful and make me feel welcome.(From an 81-year-old fan)”

Mary L. - Homemaker/Retired Middle School Teacher

“Growing old is not for the timid! Over time, the aches and pains that had chosen to settle in my body seemed to worsen, creating disheartening feelings of frustration and helplessness. After years of visiting a series of orthopedic doctors, I had concluded that I would never get relief from the constant stiffness, pain, and lack of flexibility with which I had been increasingly saddled.

Golf, my favorite pastime, was becoming a chore, and some mornings I dreaded getting out of bed to go to the golf course. For the past 10 years, I have had to take Ibuprofen or some similar pain medication several times during a round of golf just to get through 18 holes.

In just a few short weeks of treatment, my life changed dramatically. I am now playing golf regularly, pain-free and free of medications.

All of this is a direct result of you, Dr. Moleski, and your efforts to identify, evaluate and treat my spine and neck problems.

In addition to the incredible relief I now have, I would like to tell you how much I appreciate the personal attention you give to my needs and the time you take to listen to what ails me, a rarity in these days of the “in-and-out” medical treatment most of us experience in other health care facilities. Moreover, you and your staff certainly make me feel welcome and I know you all are sincerely interested in the welfare and good health of all your patients.

Joseph W. - Retired

“I am a 90-year-old woman. When I was a youngster we lived in the country miles from other farmers. Our play-time was climbing trees and other foolish activities. I fell and hurt my back. I went to my chiropractor, but had no money to pay. My chiropractor let me pay her with lighter knots that I picked up out of the woods. She helped me so much, that at age 90, I still go twice a week to my chiropractor, Dr. Moleski. He keeps me in tiptop health. Therefore, I advise everyone, ‘You don’t have to feel bad to go to your chiropractor, go to keep feeling young and looking fantastic.’”

Mary B. - Housewife/Volunteer

“I was in a car accident three years ago, and was sent in for physical therapy. Physical therapy was only strengthening the muscles around the injury! Nothing was working, and I still had great pain. I was recommended to Dr. Moleski, and his careful analysis confirmed my problem. We began chiropractic help right away. I am much better, and with ongoing care, will be able to function rather normally.”

Lynette T. - Administrative Assistant

“Back surgery resulted in staph infection. After a trip back to the hospital, months of daily antibiotics, and IV’s at home; the infection was gone. I was still in terrible pain and could barely walk. I went to Dr. Moleski and soon I was so much better. I often wonder what life would be like today if I had not gone to Dr. Moleski. Thank you doctor!”

Palmer N. - Retired Law Enforcement

“My neck and back had bothered me intermittently for years. Often my neck would spasm and stiffen up, so that it felt like the whiplash I had suffered in a car accident more than 12 years ago. Usually I just put up with it. Occasionally, I had sought the help of a chiropractor. But I did not enjoy having my neck “manhandled” until it reluctantly gave in to the “crack” and “pop”. Ugh.

The first time I went to see Dr. Moleski was because of falling asleep while riding in our car on the way to the beach for a little rest and relaxation. Isn’t it ironic-and annoying-when you come back from vacation feeling like you’ve just been hit by a truck? Well, I had never before been so thoroughly evaluated. Dr. Moleski showed me how my neck had bent into an unhealthy position, tilting to one side like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and from the side view, it was curving in the opposite direction than it was supposed to.

To me, the x-ray made me look like an old lady with a hunched back and osteoporosis (and I’m only 40). I let Dr. Moleski know that I was a little wimpy about having my neck cracked, and he promised to be gentle. After complying with the twice-weekly adjustments for 6 weeks (and for me, there was not any immediate relief) and the exercises to do at home and at work (which were very easy and not time-consuming), I finally felt my spaghetti neck becoming stronger and my stooped posture straightening, and Dr. Moleski has the x-rays to prove it. Now I have graduated up to a less frequent/maintenance schedule. I have grown quite fond of all the staff. Sweet Evie greets me like a long-lost friend even if it has been a few weeks (or days) since my last visit. And Hildagae’s sassy attitude always makes me smile. Thank you all for your caring touch.”

Caroline C. - Public Health Worker and Mary Kay Consultant

“To begin; the minute I stepped into your office, Dr. Moleski, I was comfortable and very much at ease. Your receptionist was very warm and made me feel great! I’m a retired x-ray technician. I worked in the medical profession for all of my working life and had no interest in chiropractic medicine…of course I was young and had no major problems. I was always in good health.

This past Thanksgiving, 2003, I developed a severe pain near my hip area on the right side. I went to my orthopedic surgeon, he gave me a cortisone shot and therapy for one week. I felt good, but before I finished the week’s therapy the pain traveled to my left side. It was so severe I could not cope with it! The surgeon and my primary doctor couldn’t see me for over a month.

Our daughter (an OB/GYN nurse for an OB/GYN clinic in Orlando) insisted I see a good chiropractor. I talked to a few parishioners at Good Shepherd Parish and they (along with my daughter) convinced me and opened my eyes. The pain was excruciating. I think it was six treatments, and I was totally cured. I’ll always recommend Dr. Moleski to anyone. What a wonderful man! I understand he is a wonderful family man also. Thank you Dr. Moleski.”

Regina S. - Retired/Part-time Bakery Clerk

“When I first started going to Dr. Moleski, mom and I were having many sinus infections a year. Mom was working on her Masters degree and one of her classmates told her about Dr. Moleski. So she decided to give it a try.

She said she felt so much better afterward that she told me I was going to go too. Boy was she right! After my first or second adjustment I was hooked. I felt like a new person. WOW!!

Ever since I have been working on my maneuvers and I keep coming back. And if my grandfather could hear about this he would be rolling in his grave. He said all chiropractors are crooks. Boy is he wrong. I believe Dr. Moleski is an awesome and wonderful doctor. He definitely knows what he is doing. Thanks for everything and for keeping me going.”

Anna L. - Cashier

“I came to your office with pain in my arms. After your examination, you said my problems were in my neck. You noticed when I turned my head that I would turn my upper body instead of just my neck. After several treatments in your office, and following some simple exercise movements you recommended, the pain in my arms has disappeared. I can also turn my head using only my neck. I strongly recommend Dr. Moleski to anyone needing chiropractic care; it has been very gentle and painless. It is well worth my time and money.”

Chuck B. - Letter Carrier-UPS

“Twenty years ago I injured my back and herniated two discs while severely straining nearly all of the muscles on the right side of my back. I have lived in pain ever since. After numerous doctor visits, including two different chiropractic doctors, hospitalizations, examinations, consultations, and therapies, I was relegated to deal with the pain daily and take medications to mask the pain for the rest of my life. This continued on for years.

I began to feel as though all my strength was leaving and my body was shutting down. I began to think I was approaching a point in my life, still in my thirties mind you, that I may not live to see my forties, fifties, and so on. I had nearly constant migraine headaches. I knew I couldn’t give up as I am so young, and have a wife and children who need me.

I began thinking and searching for what else I could do when I spoke with a co-worker who had many good things to say about Dr. Moleski. I decided to give chiropractic another try and scheduled an appointment. I quickly found Dr. Moleski and his staff very friendly and truly concerned. After learning the history, checking the senses and x-rays, Dr. Moleski felt he could help even if he couldn’t reverse all the damage (after all, it took nearly 20 years to get that way.)

I began making regular visits and after a few months, I felt renewed energy levels and less pain. I began to feel alive again. Although I am not pain-free, nor has the damage been reversed, I continue to see Dr. Moleski as we work toward improvement. Besides, it is a joy to visit the office as he and his staff are always friendly and truly concerned for their patients and their patients’ families.”

Greg L. - Senior Web Developer

“I have been under Dr. Moleski’s care for the last 12 years. The twice-weekly adjustments allowed me to manage my job and busy yard work free of pain. I still remember how I had to roll out of bed each morning because of the back pain, and how I used to get a stiff neck and constant headaches from sitting in front of my PC all day.

I sought out chiropractic then, and I have been on the maintenance program with Dr. Moleski ever since he took over Dr. Mott’s practice. I never take pain medication when I hurt my back from over exertion. I can always count on Dr. Moleski’s adjustment to make me feel brand new again. I will continue this wellness treatment as long as I live.”

Lee R. - State Worker

“My back discomfort was not severe, but rather a constant, nagging irritation. Dr. Moleski ran his tests and discovered I had misalignment and pressure points mostly due to my posture. After several months of treatment I am most nearly pain-free and functioning well. I need to remember to follow through with exercises and periodic check-ups, but I can honestly say that chiropractic really helped me. Thank you Dr. Moleski.”

Gary D. - Anesthetist

“My family has been coming to Dr. Moleski for over 11 years. You might wonder why? It all began when I was at the end of my second pregnancy and I was completely miserable physically.A friend encouraged me to attend a class on Natural Family Planning given by Dr. Moleski and his wife Chris. My husband and I enjoyed each session, but after the last session when I mentioned how bad I was feeling, Dr. Moleski told us about his work as a chiropractor.

I agreed to my first adjustment that night. I was nearly 2 weeks overdue in my pregnancy, I could only sleep sitting up, and I was in constant pain. Dr. Moleski assured me that my body wanted to do its job of birthing, but I was out of alignment. Within 12 hours of that adjustment, I gave birth to my second son! Wow! I was SO pleased!

However, my sweet baby began to cry and cry and cry…every day was filled with a crying, fussy child. The pediatrician said it was colic and said to just wait it out. After 2 weeks I thought I would lose my mind! I remembered the wonderful thing that Dr. Moleski had done for me and thought I would give him a call. He told me to bring the baby in for an adjustment.

After a few adjustments, the crying ended and I had my sweet baby back! I asked Dr. Moleski what he would suggest for my family and so we began his recommended course of treatment. I have had 3 more children during the past 10 years and I have brought each one in for an adjustment within the very first few days of their lives. My children do not have the usual ear infections and allergies that most of the Tallahassee children suffer from.

My husband and I do not suffer from the chronic back pain that we both used to have. We are thrilled with the wonderful care we have received all these years. We consider Dr. Moleski and Hildagae dear friends, and we are enjoying getting to know Evie. Our whole family looks forward to our weekly preventive care adjustments with Dr. Moleski.”

Karen G. - Homemaker/Psychotherapist

“I have been coming to your office for five months now, and have looked forward to every visit. The new Aquamed Hydrotherapy System provides pleasant massage therapy. I have had lymphodema due to breast cancer and this treatment, as I understand it, is good for lymphatic drainage. It is a relaxing time just before your treatment.

The adjustments are gentle and effective and I am feeling so much better as a result. All of the staff are kind, helpful and friendly. In fact, I would like to adopt them all! Thank you so much for making a doctor’s visit enjoyable.”

Naomi S. - Homemaker

“It has been two years since you last saw me. HELP! I need you again. As you know I am a dance instructor. My old body has been through the mill for over 75 years. It’s time for Dr. Moleski…because of you I am still teaching adult ballet three days a week. Thank you.”

Elizabeth H. - Dance Instructor

“Dr. Moleski’s professional and compassionate chiropractic care has always improved my arthritic back I’ve tried pain killers, physical therapy, stretching exercises, water aerobics, massage, and fitness centers. While these activities are good, Dr. Moleski’s treatment gives me the most agility and help. His skill makes a big difference. His office assistants are always cheerful and make me feel welcome.(From an 81-year-old fan)”

Mary L. - Homemaker/Retired Middle School Teacher

“Thinking that knee surgery was in my immediate future, I decided to make an appointment to see if chiropractic treatment could relieve the pain I was having in my knee. This pain had persisted for several months before visiting your office. After taking x-rays you gave my knee an adjustment. The next morning, when I woke up, the pain was greatly diminished. As the day progressed the pain disappeared totally. This was more than a year ago, and my knee has been fine ever since. Thank you Dr. Moleski.”

Ken K. - Retired

“I have been coming to see Dr. Moleski ever since he took over Dr. Mott's practice. He and his staff are always pleasant, fast, and efficient. I have never had trouble getting in to see Dr. Moleski. His staff is just as nice and helpful as he is. Since I have a computer job and I am sitting at my desk for hours on end, I have trouble off and on with my neck, upper and lower back, and occasionally down my left arm. Regardless of where my trouble is, Dr. Moleski is always able to find it and take care of it; usually in one visit. On particularly stubborn spots, he can get me up-and-running with just a couple of follow-up visits.
I have recommended Dr. Moleski to my friends and to anyone who asks me for the name of a good chiropractor. He is a nice person and a great doctor.”

Donna M. - Programmer/Analyst

“I was having low back pain for some time when I decided that my own efforts for relieving the pain were futile. Having known Dr. Moleski and his family for years, I decided to seek chiropractic treatment for help. After just a few adjustments, I was noticing a significant difference in the level of my low back pain. Dr. Moleski put me on a mild exercise routine and that, along with the adjustments, has greatly improved my quality of life. I have recommended Dr. Moleski to my friends and family.”

Susan R. - Homemaker

“There are many reasons why I could confidently recommend Dr. Moleski and chiropractic care. I am continually discovering new and unexpected benefits to chiropractic and I am increasingly convinced that it is the foundation of health care for my family and me. My family receives regular chiropractic care, and we have saved money by minimizing the need for other, more mainstream, approaches to health care. There have been a number of specific instances where I have been able to cancel other medical office visits because Dr. Moleski was able to address the problem through chiropractic intervention instead. Over the years I have had the opportunity to recommend Dr. Moleski to friends. It’s encouraging as those individuals return to me saying things like, “Thank you, this is just what I was looking for!”

Keith G. - Computer Networking Professional

“I suffer from depression and I have a hard time going to new doctors without having a panic attack. I was very happy when I got to Dr. Moleski’s office and was greeted so nicely by his staff. Dr. Moleski made me feel very comfortable as soon as I met him. His staff is very friendly. I had been to another doctor a month earlier and had a panic attack, so I was very happy that Dr. Moleski’s office was so nice. His staff makes you feel like one of the family.”

Lisa M. - Homemaker

“Looking back, I realize that I have spent years abusing my spine. I began my career as a Dental Hygienist-precariously perched on a chair. Each day, I would spend hours hovering in a vulture-like position over patients. On my days off I was no kinder to my body.

Of all the sports I would choose…I chose golf. Playing golf I would twist my spinal column into a coil in order to propel a small object into a hole the size of a drinking glass. Other times I would choose to go hiking. I would walk miles for days on end with a backpack that weighed about half my total weight. One day it all caught up with me. I could hardly move my body or turn my head.

That began my chiropractic relationship with Dr. Moleski. My chiropractic appointments have been a regular part of my health care for the last, approximately, 10 years. It is a fact that without it I have far less flexibility and quite a bit of back pain. I can’t say that I’m too much kinder to my spine after all of this. I still spend quite a bit of time contorting myself on a golf course. However, I can say without a doubt that I would not be able to do quite a few things at all without regular chiropractic care being a part of my life.”

Nancy B. - Dental Hygienist

“My husband had visited your office for several years and received much relief from chronic back pain. Then I started experiencing work-related neck and shoulder problems, caused by holding a phone and using a computer at the same time, along with other work-related repetitive motions, so he suggested that I see you as well. When I finally did this, I think the first thing I told you was that I was afraid of you. I had heard too many people say that they would not have bones in their necks manipulated until they made a cracking sound. That “sound” means pain relief to me. I was very impressed on my first visit and very pleased with the results. You and your office personnel treat patients like family, and it is a pleasure to walk in and be welcomed in such a friendly manner.”

Mary K. - Retired Administrative Assistant

“Dr. Moleski and his staff have truly enhanced the quality of my life. During a period of one year my cancer treatment involved surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. This left me very weak with a deteriorating back problem which was causing pressure on my sciatic nerve. This pain was more than I could bear. The regular doctors were treating me with one pain pill and muscle relaxer after another. I could not function like this. The medication left me so drowsy and doped up that I could not function. The extreme pain would leave me paralyzed.

Dr. Moleski discovered that my spine had weakened after the cancer treatment and was pinching the sciatic nerve which was causing my pain. After six weeks of treatment my pain had subsided. After four more weeks I could resume normal daily activities. Once again I can do the things I love to do and I can enjoy life. The doctor and his staff were wonderful to work with. They are very interested in their patients and are a very caring group. I owe my good health to the dedication and determination that they have for their profession.”

Noah K. - Retired Business Man

“I am very grateful to my son for recommending that I go to you for treatment. I have visited other chiropractic doctors in the past, but have never received the results that your treatments have provided me. When I first visited your office for treatment I was beginning to think that my ability to walk was going to be limited due to the pain in my lower back and right hip. After 12 visits my back pains have almost disappeared. My mobility has improved 100% and my hip pains are gone. I have asthma and my breathing has also improved. I have been able to cut back on my medication. I am certainly looking forward to continuing my maintenance program with you.”

James D. - Retired